Well done to 1st North Wingfield Scout Group who have recently worked with Central England Co-operative and The Co-operative Food in North Wingfield to raise money for a life saving defibrillator which has been installed by the local parish council.

Community AED Devices are essential for helping people when suffering a cardiac arrest or heart attack. These amazing machines are designed to guide users through every step of the process, using these machines rather than waiting for an ambulance could save people’s lives, and Scouts have gone a long way to facilitating this…

To learn more about Defibrillators and their uses, visit British Heart Foundation website at www.bhf.org.uk

Find out more about Scouting in North Wingfield by following 1st North Wingfield on Twitter (@1stNWScouts) or by emailing Ashley Lawrence, District Scout Leader (ashley@1stnorthwingfieldscouts.org.uk)

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