1. Connect

1. Connect…with people around you, your family, friends and neighbours. Put five minutes aside to find out how a member of your group really is. Spend time in meetings strengthening relationships between leaders and young people. 

2. Be active

2. Be active…by doing something your group can all enjoy together. You don’t have to be Olympic Athletes to be active. Go on a walk or hike, spend some time gardening, or do an activity such as cycling or having…

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3. Take notice

3. Take notice …by being more aware of your surroundings and what is happening right now, for example the changing seasons, or the local environment. Ask your members what was good about their day.

4. Keep learning

4. Keep learning…by trying something different. Complete a badge as a unit that stretches the group, find out about Scouts around the world, research an issue important to your members.

5. Give

5. Give …to others, to feel good yourself. Start a community impact project or volunteer with a local charity.