Last weekend (23rd – 25th January 2015) saw Matt and Izzy from the i.Voice Team head to Drum Hill Scout Camp, Derby to participate in the Derbyshire ‘Scouts Speak Up’ Course. The SSU is led by Media Managers and representatives from The Scout Association. 15 Young People, either heading to Japan to the World Scout Jamboree or are part of the Youth Ambassador Team for Peak 2015 were shown how to use Media to promote Scouts effectively.

Matt and Izzy learnt how to make the most of Print, Radio and TV Media and the do’s and don’ts of each. This was done through a series of interviews and practices to replicate this such situation.

This will benefit i.Voice as Matt and Izzy are now able to share with the members the skills they have learnt. Youth Led Media is becoming ever important in Scouting, especially in Derbyshire with County Youth Media Team (of which Matt & Izzy are a part of). The weekend was a lot of fun, thanks to Simon Carter, Stuart Card, Pamela Thompsett and organised by our own ACC Young Leaders, James Stafford.

To find out more about the Speak Up Course follow @Scoutsscarter on Twitter & follow the hashtag #SSU!

That’s all for now, we will see you in February for our first fundraiser!

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