This page has been put together to celebrate the centenary of the Chesterfield District Scouts

Below is the entry in the original minutes book for the first meeting of The CHESTERFIELD DISTRICT SCOUTS COUNCIL. Below this you can view the history of scout groups in Chesterfield both past and present.



DATE 9 April 1910

VENUE Market Hall – Chesterfield

TIME 3.00pm

Instituting Meeting held in Market Hall Chesterfield.

His Grace the Duke of Devonshire in the Chair.

i Meeting declared open at by his Grace the Duke of Devonshire.

ii H Rogerson Esq then read letters of regret from the following gentlemen who were unable to be present

Earl Kerry MP. J Hestance Esq MP. Col. Barker-Bowden JP. Rev G H Molineaux.

Drs Leringstone & Shea and

MessersJ H Moore, A Seifried, H H Turner, A S H Barnes, Geo Clark, R P Leach, W G Turball JP, A A Milner JP, S Berrisford, L Lambert, G A Eastwood, J S Ford, A Hardy, W J Wilkonson, J W Fawcett, D C Constable and Chambers Dicthouse.

iii The Duke of Devonshire then addressed the meeting appealing to those present to support this great national movement of B P Scouts and asking them to use their influence with their friends also to support it.

He then asked Col De Burgh to explain the principles of the organisation.

Col De Burgh then explained the principles of the B P Scout movement and asked the gentlemen present to form a Local Association and appealed to them to support the movement in this District.

iv Mr E C Barnes moved and the Rev E F Crosse seconded that an Association be formed to be known as the Chesterfield and District B P Scout Association – carried.

v Col Seeley moved and Mr H A Saunders seconded that His Grace the Duke of Devonshire be asked to become the President of the Association.

His Grace accepted.

vi Mr H Rogerson moved and Mr S E Short seconded that Col C H Seeley be chairman – carried

vii Col Seeley moved and Col Jackson seconded that all present form the General Committee – carried

viii Moved by Mr Sanders seconded by Mr J Wright the Mr H Rogerson be Secretary of the Association – carried

ix The following gentlemen were elected Vice Presidents

Mayor Councillor C P Markham & Councillor S E Short Deputy Mayor

Col Jackson E C Barnes Esq

Rev E F Crosse W G Turbull Esq

T Townrow Esq Father Splaine SJ

G A Eastwood Esq Rev Harelock-Thompson

Col Barker-Bowden A Palmer Moorwood Esq

Ald Jas Oakes C S Cockburn Esq


L C Burlack, J E Ormisker, J Ducker,H H Wilford, P Rooks, Dr R Godwin Chase, Major Robinson, Messrs J J Clayton GC, C J Hodson JP, E R Woodhead, R Syke, A W Greaves, G W Denwood, F B Robinson, M P Scase, J J Kelly, E P Swanwick, W H F Hepplewhite, S A Lawson, H Rogerson (Sec), F G Leversly J H Waddington, C C Rayward B G Griffith and W S Udall.

Scoutmasters:- Allibour, Blackhurst, Green, Day, Woodhouse, Archer, Sagt Insp Chapman and the Rev C J Bodhurst

x Votes of thank we passed to His Grace the Duke of Devonshire, Col Seeley and Col De Burgh which were suitably responded to.

Scout troops still in operation

Scout troop Date registered
38th Chesterfield 01/02/1964
34th Chesterfield 21/05/1953
1st Highfield (Newbold) 01/06/2007
18th Chesterfield (Catholic) 05/03/1908
1st Holymoorside 18/01/1978
1st Tupton 28/11/1966
1st Hasland 18/12/1987, was originally 33rd Chesterfield registered 29/01/1953
1st Whittington 13/10/1977 – Original troop registered
17/06/1918 – Closed 1936, reopened
16/03/1937 – Closed 1967
2nd Brampton (Storrs Road) 1943 War time registration so no definite date
3rd Brampton (St Thomas) 12/07/1949
1st Calow (St Peters Church) 23/03/1933 Was originally registered by G. Perry warranted as Scoutmaster 12/04/1911
3rd Wingerworth 21/01/1959
1st North Wingfield 15/10/1915 Registered originally under the title North Wingfield Church

Scout no longer in operation

Scout troop Date registered Date closed
2nd Chesterfield 1908 c. 1993
8th Chesterfield 1908/09 Nicholson was warranted as Assistant Scoutmaster 29/11/1909 No other information
9th Chesterfield No information on this troop so probarbly closed during WW1
13th Chesterfield (Weseylian) Troop: 10/12/1919
Pack: 23/01/1920
No closure date listed but operating until at least 1933
14th Chestefield Troop: 13/11/1923
Pack: 18/09/1926
Closed 1962
19th Chesterfield Troop: 25/03/1925
Pack: 26/03/1925
No closure date listed
20th Chesterfield (St Augustines) 15/03/1928 No closure date listed
21st Chesterfield 22/03/1928 Closed 1935
22nd Chesterfield 20/03/1929 Closed 1973
23rd Chesterfield 06/05/1929 Closed 1960′s
24th Chesterfield (Christchurch) 1943 Amalgamated with 27th Chesterfield – 2007 to form 1st Highfield
25th Chesterfield (settlement) 22/03/1932 No closure date listed
27th Chestefield (St Andrews 18/11/1949 Amalgamated with 24th Chesterfield – 2007 to form 1st Highfield
1st Whittington Moor Troop: 01/05/1924
Pack: 05/03/1925
No closure date listed
2nd New Whittington Troop: 01/03/1926
Pack: 01/07/1926
closed at some point and then re-registered 05/01/1979
Closed 14/07/1988
1st Brimington Pre 1918 No information
2nd Brimington 13/10/1930 No closure date listed
1st Wingerworth 01/05/1933 1936
2nd Wingerworth 08/06/1936 No closure date
1st Alt Hucknall (St John Baptist) 23/03/1956 2005/6
1st Barlow 22/03/1985 Closed 2005
Orpheus Venture Unit 12/11/1988 Closed 2005
1st Spital 05/02/1935 – no closure date – re-registered 03/07/1951 – no closure date – re-registered 02/11/1953 Closed 31/03/1957
1st Newbold – Was 36th Chesterfield (Newbold Church) 26/04/1954 Closed 2005
1st Barrow Hill 25/10/1932 No closure date listed
1st Brampton 03/08/1937 No closure date listed
1st Tapton House Pre 1938 No information
Chesterfield Grammar School 1941?
1st New Tupton Pre 1948
“Sitwells Own” (Renishaw) formed 1915 At least up to 1924
“Duke of Portlands Own” (Bolsover) Pre 1918 At least up to 1948
Grassmoor Works Troop Pre 1917
Clowne St Johns Pre 1911 At least up to 1920
2nd Grassmoor Pre 1920
“Dr Grahams Own Troop” Pre 1919
1st Birdholme Pre 1917 At least 1945
2nd Birdholme Pre 1956
Holmwood Pre 1917
1st Beighton Pre 1926 1939
2nd Cresswell Pre 1942
3rd Cresswell (Methodist) Pre 1948

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