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Derbyshire Contingent

November 2022

The two Derbyshire units have just completed their first camps as separate units. Unit 11, Derbyshire Deer, headed to Drum Hill and Unit 12, Derbyshire Orideul, to Gradbach. Both units are starting to develop their own identity and move forward to develop essential skills ahead of Korea.

Unit 11
After a slightly damp start, Unit 11 took part in an abundance of activities aimed to build co-operation and resilience and test new skills.
We kickstarted with a lively game of Blankety Blank, followed by: Gateway building, air rifle shooting, meringues overloaded with squirty cream, blindfold challenges, s’mores, crossbows and Korean cooking. We can still taste the “mild” spice of the homemade Korean kimchi in the back of our throats!… Just a few highlights from another memorable weekend. The Unit show great support and encouragement for each other and their leaders, as they continue their Jamboree journey.

Unit 12
Unit 12 further developed their teamwork and core Scouting skills, from looking after kit, to working together in differing and sometimes challenging environments. We started with a walk around the Roaches on a misty autumnal morning. We also got stuck into some Bushcraft with shelter building and backwoods cooking with Chocolate Orange for pudding. We also threw in some crunchy critters to start a conversation about the different food in Korea. Stuart Layzell, an attendee of the last Korean Jamboree held in 1991, gave Unit 12 insight into the culture and key learnings from his experience, and showed us his stash of swapped memorabilia. We made unit bunting to display at the Jamboree and ended the camp with Parents joining us for a Q&A session supported by UK Contingent and County.

As we continue our journey, we have a few people that we would like to say a Big Thank You to: the Bushcraft SASU, Mark Rushworth (Gradbach), Hillwalking SASU, Alex Boyce (IST), the team at Drum Hill, the Crossbow SASU and the Shooting SASU.

Alison, Becky, Emily, Josh, Matt, Nathan, Rachel, Rebecca
Unit 11 & 12 Contingent Leaders
Derbyshire Scouts

October 2022

We are delighted to announce our next significant milestone in our jamboree journey is our unit names. Both units have been busy preparing for their second training camp in October. Unit 11 will be at Drum Hill from 30th September to 2nd October and Unit 12 at Gradbach from 7th to 9th October.

So, our Unit names….. Scouting is youth shaped, and with much debate, creative contemplation and reflection Unit 11 will be known as the Derbyshire Deer and Unit 12 Derbyshire Orideul, Korean for Ducks.

Badges are being produced as we type and will be on sale shortly. These will be sold by the Young People from both Units initially as part of their fundraising activity, and later on, they will be sold to a broader audience. So watch out – these badges will go fast!

Jamboree Contingent Leader
Derbyshire Scouts