That means you too.

Tired of dull weekdays? Want to try something new, learn new skills and meet a whole new group of friends?

Each week we help young people enjoy fun and adventure while developing skills for life. Why not be one of them?

We have places in Birdholme for youngsters aged 6-14 years and in Brimington for youngsters aged 4-14 years; as well as volunteering opportunities for adults and 14-18 year olds.

Join us on Saturday 18th September 11am – 2pm at Ss Agustines’ Church, Derby Road

Alternatively, contact us by email or 07403 143527 to find out more.

34th Chesterfield (Brimington) Scouts

Boys & girls aged 4-14 years

St Michael’s Church Hall on Fridays

40th Chesterfield (Birdholme) Scouts

Boys & girls aged 6-14 years

Ss Augustines’ Church on Wednesdays