Map Symbol Trail

Courtesy of Somerset Scouts


  • Download and Print (or draw) the map symbols and the reference sheet below
  • There are 22 symbol cards, each with an attached clue.
  • Cut these out so you should have 22 pieces of paper, each with a map symbol and an instruction.
  • While the young person is not looking, set up a trail around your house and garden.

How to Play:

Starting at the railway station, show the young person the “railway station” on the reference sheet.

Next to the picture of the railway station there will be a written clue for the next location – “Take the Main Road”.

The young person should use the reference sheet to work out which map symbol represents the clue

The trail has 22 map symbols to find.

If they want to write down their trail as they find things, please use the blank ”The Trip” story sheet in this pack.

Time to Complete:         45-60mins