International Badge


Work towards your international badge

Starting in London (England), you must ‘travel’ virtually from one capital city to the next capital, finding out a fact about each, until you have got all around the world and back to London.

The rules are:

  • You have 7 days to complete the challenge
  • Each subsequent capital city must be in an adjacent country (they may have water in between)
  • Write a list of your journey around the world (capital cities in order and one fact about each)
  • There is no correct order (but remember – capital cities in your list must be in adjacent countries)

So, for example, starting in London (fact:  Big Ben is in London).

Quick hop over the water and the next capital could be Paris (France, fact: the Eifel Tower is made out of iron).

The next capital could then be in Switzerland or Belgium or Germany (etc) but could NOT be the Netherlands, as Belgium is in between France and the Netherlands.

Age Range:                     Scouts

Time to Complete:         60 mins

Badge Requirements:   Scout International badge