Scavenger Hunt – What 3 Words

The Explorers will solve clues and use the What 3 Words app to find 20 cities, which are all linked by a theme!


  • A pen and paper will be handy to note down the answers and clues.
  • The adult leading the activity will need to share the following hyperlink with the Explorers (maybe during an initial Zoom / video conference meeting)

The Scavenger Hunt activity has been designed by South Berkshire Explorer Scouts

Play the game:

  • The Explorers will start the hunt (at the hyperlink above) and will be required to open on their PC or the app on their phone.
  • The presentation will give them 20 Clues. They must solve each set of clues (by matching a word to the pictures shown) and put their answers together in the format – clue1.clue2.clue3
  • This will give a location for what3words. The Explorers will each input the location. By zooming out, they will be able to identify the city they are in. This is the first answer and they should write down the name of the city.
  • When they have 20 cities identified, they can work out the connection between the locations (putting the answers into order is helpful).
  • Give the Explorers a set amount of time (eg: 45 – 60 mins) to complete the game and then re-convene in another Zoom meeting to see how everyone got on!

Try the game yourself in advance, so that you can be available to give clues and hints if needed.

This is the link for the answers…… Hunt (What 3 Words) Activity

THANKS to South Berkshire Explorer Scouts for another fab activity!