Every year on February 22, we take some time to commemorate the history of Scouts and thank the volunteers who make it possible. This February 22 – after what’s frankly been a bit of a rubbish year – we want to double the amount of gratitude we show.

We’re asking volunteers, young people and parents/careers to join us by celebrating #ThankTwo. It’s easy to get involved – all we ask is that you show your gratitude and thank two people and/or groups of people. These people can be fellow members who’ve kept Scouting despite the setbacks, volunteers who’ve organised Scouts meetings, and/or heroes of your local community. Here are three steps to showing your appreciation.

1. Give your heroes some window space

Over the next month, we’re asking you to give your chosen heroes prime spot on your windows. We’ve created a couple of templates (download below) that you decorate with your young people. Once decorated, we want you to show off your designs and highlight the two people you want to thank by displaying the signs in your window. That way, everyone who walks pass will know who’s gone above and beyond in your community.

Be as creative as you like – you don’t need to use the templates if you don’t want to, and you can draw, paint, write or use collage to make your sign – but most importantly, we want to see what you come up with!– Take a picture of the display in your window and share your thanks using the hashtag #ThankTwo. You can do this as a group activity, with a child over half term, or if you’re feeling artistic or fancy a relaxing activity, could give it a go yourself.

Download the designed ‘Thank you’ template

Download the ‘Clean Thank you’ template

Download the ‘Thank you for…’ template

2. Shout about them on social media

If making a sign isn’t your cup of tea, a simple way to thank someone for their contribution could be highlighting them on your social media channels. On Monday 22 February, why not give some space on your channels to talk about the amazing work someone’s done? Remember to tag them but also to hashtag #ThankTwo, because we want to read the great stories too.

3. Nominate them for an award

Another great way to show your gratitude to volunteers is to nominate them for a Good Service award, or for those who’ve gone over and beyond, we have our Meritorious Conduct and Gallantry Awards. To nominate someone for an award, you’ll need to complete a nomination form and send it off to an approver (most likely your commissioner): you can find more info at scouts.org.uk/awards.

If you’ve got newer members, members who don’t quite meet the criteria yet or people who you want to highlight who don’t hold a Scouts role, you could award them with the Commissioner Commendation award. You can also gift non-members with our Thanks badge, a metal badge which comes displayed in a gift box with a message of thanks from our Chief Scout Bear Grylls. Read more about our Thanks badge.

These are only a few ways to show your gratitude this month, and we’re sure you say thank you in many other ways locally. If you want more inspiration, you could consider our 8 meaningful ways to say thank you and a few less formal ways to say thanks.

Keep an eye out on our social channels over the next couple of weeks as we plan to say our own very special thank you to our amazing volunteers. For now, we hope you can put your own plans in place to give those locally the credit they deserve.