The excellent eight of Chesterfield District, who are part of the 36 Young People selected for Unit 11 Derbyshire Deer, were busy out and about on Sunday 15th January. It was another training day preparing them for the 25 World Scout Jamboree to be held in Korea this August.

The whole Unit divided into six teams and took part in the Sheffield Monopoly Run, a fun activity designed to test their teamwork, map work, and see who could outwit the other groups. The aim of the game was to claim the city’s landmarks first and charge rent to the others.

The Unit 11 Leadership team supported completely remotely, whilst the young people worked smart on the planned activity, followed instructions independently and as a team, carefully managing their time while travelling on foot and by train in unfamiliar territory.

The game was designed to help them develop the skills they will need not only to travel to Korea, but also preparing for their stay in the City of Soeul and navigating the 6 km wide Jamboree site, situated in Saenangeum.

The snake team won the game, they all managed to make the train home on time, finishing the day with a hot meal and fun game of bowling.

Chesterfield District Scouts are still busy fundraising for their trip, and you can follow their journey at