Map & Compass Skills

 Many thanks to 1st Burnham on Sea Scout leaders and Young Leader for these super resources.


  • Everyone will need access to the internet via a smartphone or tablet and to be able to log in to a Zoom / video conferencing meeting.
  • The leader will need to share their screen to show a PowerPoint presentation (provided)
  • The leader should visit the Kahoot quiz page in advance and ensure that they are confident in how it will work. Most Scouts are familiar with Kahoot as they use this type of technology at school.
  • You will need to email each Scout with a Bingo card and the Map Symbol Key document the day before the meeting. There is a pdf supplied (with all the bingo cards). It is suggested that you send everyone all the bingo cards and let them pick a random card (or specify which each member should use). They will need to print these out, if possible (or draw their own bingo card, replicating one that you send)

How to participate:

  • Use the Map and Compass skills PowerPoint presentation to refresh basic knowledge for the first 10 minutes.
  • Play the Where’s Wally Game (created by a Moors and Coastal Explorer Scout Young Leader)
    • This is another PowerPoint presentation.  Show one slide at a time and ask the Scouts to find Wally and work out his map coordinates! There is an ‘answers document’ for leaders, to make things easy.
    • Ask the Scouts to write their answer in the comments / chat box. When everyone is ready, you can reveal the correct answer.  Beware though….. Mrs Wally also appears in some of the pictures, so make sure the Scouts are looking for the correct character.
    • There are 6 of these pictures – you may want to do 2 or 3 and save some for another time.
  • Play Map Symbol Bingo. Select one map symbol at random (from the Map Symbol Key) and call it out. The Scouts look it up on the Map Symbol Key (if they need to) and cross it off if they have it. You can play for one line, 2 lines and a full house.
  • Finish with a short Kahoot Quiz to test their knowledge. The link for that is here:

The leader should share their screen on the online meeting and the Scouts will need to log in to Kahoot (with the game pin that is generated when you start the quiz).  The Scouts submit their answers via their mobile device. The Scouts need to be able to see both your shared screen and their answer screen (so will need to have access to two devices eg: PC  / mobile phone / laptop / tablet) or will need to ‘split’ their screen.

An additional challenge:

You may wish to email the Scouts the attached pdf of an OS Maps booklet, for further reading.

Age Range:                     Scouts

Time to Complete:         At least an hour!

Badge Requirements:   Navigator staged badges / Orienteer / Hill Walker

THANKS again to 1st Burnham on Sea for the resources